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_ Added : 20-september-2003

Maria Chodorowska

Kraj: Polska
Miasto: Stężyca

 Maria Chodorowska- 28 years old, in 2000 graduated (Degree in Arts) from Harry S. Truman College in Chicago, USA, with Honorable Mention in color photography. Since 1997 a member of IFPO (International Freelance Photographers Organization). In 2002 went on a lonely journey to Africa. Started with Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, then Guinea-Conakry and ended up in Kenya, where she spent about a year living together with the Masai people in Loitokotok, on the border with Tanzania.
She managed to stay among the Masai in their houses, sharing their daily life and duties, writing down their customs and culture and taking hundreds of photographs.
She is the only white person who was honored to be a witness in the most extraordinary ceremony of circumcision a young Masai boy and a girl.

_ Added : 30-september-2003

RIP Kamil Szybiński
19 years old student at Marymount College, at Palos Verdes, California, tragicaly died on September 17, 2002.

Coutry: Poland
City: Wesola
Web Page:

     Kamil loved to travel, and was a first class Vagabond who within his first 16 years of life put his foot on all seven continents in most intriguing him corners of the world. He visited isolated Antarctica in 1999.
Kamil travels around the World.two times. Traveling first with parents, and later by himself he demonstarted independence and reliance on mastering by him knowledge of foreign languages, fluent in English, French and Spanish. Of course the native language (Polish), was never replaced. He visited 35 countries. He was a recipient of scholarschip which opened him doors to study in 2002 in Marymount College w California. The events at Marymount College tragically prematuraly ended his life.

He will not be able to continue his life passion and to publish his Travel guide based on personal experience. mHe will never be able to continue to shoot films about world exploration of to continue to perform as a PRO scater. He had so much to offer guided by his CREDO: "The world is a book, and a man, who does not travel reads only one page." Saint Augustyn and Razem Ponad Podziałami.

He tragically died on September 17, 2002 at beautifull wild Inspiration Point Cliff, while attending dreamed for several months Marymount College at Rancho Palos Verdes in California in his first month of studdy. So much a head of him, broken by a sudden and unexpected unplanned death on September 17, 2002 he was only 19 years of age ........